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Hi everyone and welcome to my Weight loss, Health, and Fitness website. Health and Fitness have been one of my passions ever since I was 7 years old. Over the years, I have purchased a countless number of products and participated in numerous fitness programs related to health, fitness, and wellness trying to improve my health, my abs, my stamina, and to gain bigger and stronger muscles. On numerous occasions, I have also tried various health products just to be certain about their efficacy (effectiveness) and level of side effects before recommending them to friends, including my loved ones and colleagues.

Being a poor kid growing up in Nigeria with limited opportunity in regard to food, money, health care, and fitness center access. I had oftentimes looked for alternatives to help me improve my health and fitness. This usually came in the form of playing soccer on every street when cars are not moving or in neighboring local school fields after school hours; running from place to place when asked by my parents and older siblings to go on errands while saving the transportation money, and chasing moving cars or playing tag games.


Now I want to give back.

Over the years after reading numerous research articles and tried a multitude of products including fake and harmful ones. I’ve realized, unfortunately, that there are so many harmful products at there been promoted by people claiming to be expert, but most importantly I’ve learned a lot about health and medicine, nutrition and diet, fitness and supplements, including various exercise techniques that are very safe and enable anyone to lose weight, have well-defined body shape, and live a healthy life….and with my research Knowledge and medical background (expertise), I want to do the same for others by offering genuine insight into many of these products, services, and as well to provide you with updated tips and techniques that will provide you with true results without harming your health.

A Little Story About My Health and Fitness Life.

Growing up I was very active throughout the day. In fact, in Nigeria where I lived until I was 24 years old, I played soccer during school break time and immediately after school until it was dark. While during the weekend, my friends and I will play in the morning, afternoon, and evening. There wasn’t anything then like we have in the United States such as video games, cell phones, and parks, other than DVD players. Not until I came to the United States, I have no concepts that regularly involved in physical activities, balance nutrition, better supplement, and proper exercise techniques are related to people’s health and body physique. While living in the state, being able to have a job, purchase a car, and rent my own apartment was a luxury for someone like me living in a three-bedroom apartment with my 12 siblings including my parents. Despite eating a lot of fast food, I still maintained my fitness especially during my military career and a few years of my medical school. I never thought for once that genetics will fail me until mid-2018 after sustaining an unknown right knee pain that worsens every time I go for a run. I decided to stop running and instead participate more in swimming while maintaining my weightlifting program. To make matters worst I found out that I failed my clinical skill exam after spending all my savings and maxing out my credit cards for residency application and travels for interviews. I was so devastated and my plan of resuming my effective fitness techniques using effective products that are harmless and backed up with independent research organizations I found during my in-depth reading and quest for better products out there in the market fell into the cracks. Being that I wasn’t consistent with my cardio activity, my health and body shape gradually deteriorate to the point that I put on Hugh potbelly (fat) and can’t even run up to one half a mile without panting heavily. One day, at my wife, was telling me about how she and many of her friends are very frustrated with their result trying to lose weight, led me to take a look at myself in a mirror. I couldn’t accept what I saw so I decided to take an action to get back the perfect body shape I once used to have.


The reason why I decided to create this website is to give back by continuously providing an updated information source that provides genuine insight in the form of blogs, articles, reviews, and recommendations about every available product and service in the health and fitness industry.

As you all know we’re all struggling with one thing or the other whether to be healthy, lose weight to fit into our dream wedding dress or suit, look good in our bikinis, have the amazing beach body for the summer, or to control our medical problem to improve the quality of our life.

So, the decision you make today is very critical and determines what tomorrow’s outcome is. I have made mine and I am asking you to make yours. What would it be?

Please note that whatever you decided to do, I will always support your decision. I believed in you that you will make the right decision which is taking action now because when I took the leap of faith despite the countless failed attempts, trying various products and exercise techniques through videos from recommendations obtained from my research, I am very satisfied with the results. My GOAL is to help you on your journey to achieve TRUE and SAFE results, and for you to be 100% satisfied.

All the best,


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