Best Weight Loss Plan for Women

Best Weight Loss For Women

Each and every one of us have tried to lose weight at least once in our life, and if not – then your time hasn’t come yet! There are tons of websites out there that know “the best diet of all times”, as they say. However, the amount of such websites is so overwhelming that many people just get stuck on which diet to choose and which one is really worth a try.


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Among the Best Chosen Diets for Weight Loss

If you have been looking for the right diet to lose weight too, I have what no dietitians and so-called expert have, but a few diets and exercise plans after putting numerous hours of research, that not only will help you lose some extra weight but also will let you stay fit. Choose the one that suits you the best!

  • Low-Fat Diet

A low-fat diet is probably one of the most obvious and popular diets out there. Experts say, cut the fats in your food ration and you will start losing weight. There are 3 forms of low-fat diet depending on the number of fats you`ll be cutting and the time you have for losing weight. Normally, dietitians recommend limiting the intake of fats to one-third of your daily ration. However, there is also a very-low-fat and ultra-low-fat version which limits the fat intake up to 10% of your daily consumption.

Keynote: The choice of fat (quality) matters so try adding good fat with more monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and some polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) found in fatty fish (Salmon) into your diet and avoid saturated fat (Trans-fat) found in food like butter. For more examples, please read my other post about The 9 best
diets without exercise to lose belly fat.

Basic rule: Each gram of fat produces twice (9 calories) as many calories as carbs or protein. Excluding fat from your diet can significantly lower the number of calories you consume.

  • Low-Carb Diets

Low-carb diets are probably even more popular than low-fat diets. They form the basis of some world-known diets, like the Atkins diet or low-carb, high-fat diet. And again there are a few varieties of low-carbohydrates diets – some insist on strict limitations of carbs while others allow you to leave one-third of carbs in your daily ration.

Keynote: You need to know that carb is everywhere like almost every food. In as much that the food industry is crying for low carb, you need to understand that quality is everything. Try eating food with complex carb and little of simple sugars.

By all means if possible, AVOID REFINED SUGAR. Studies have shown that people that used to drink an excess amount of soda did lose a lot of weight after they stop drinking soda.

Examples of complex carb include starch and fiber.

While simple sugars include:

High fructose and corn syrup

Brown sugar

Fruit juice concentrate

Refined sugar* are soda, baked treats, packaged cookies

Basic rule: limiting the carbs will allow you to increase your daily protein intake.

  • Plant-Based Diets

Plant-based diets are the totally opposite of low-carb diets. In plant-based diets, you need to cut all or a big part of the protein that comes from animals, like meat or eggs.

They are practiced by vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians. The basic difference between these three groups is that vegans do not consume any animal-related foods at all, while vegetarians exclude mostly only meat, allowing side products like eggs from time to time. Finally, flexitarians allow occasional meat consumption.

Many people choose these diets in order to help the environment and stop animals’ slaughter, but they can be used for losing some weight as well.

True Story: While I was in the U.S. military, a colleague and a friend of mine which I won’t mention her name told me of her becoming a vegetarian and exercising regularly change are health from been overweight to having the perfect body.

Basic rule: Exclude meat and fish from your daily ration. A stricter form of plant-based diets prescribes excluding all animal by-products.

  • Paleo Diet

The paleo diet takes us back to what people used to eat thousands of years ago when the only two ways of finding food were hunting and gathering. Its supporters say that consuming the foods that come from farming is not natural for our body and only harms our health. The paleo diet is a sort of going back to basics.

Basic rule: The diet prescribes consuming meat, fish as well as fruits, veggies, and various nuts and seeds. However, all foods that are produced by farming must be limited or excluded at all.

Let us not forget about the Mediterranean diet. Watch out for my next week’s article; Using Mediterranean diets to lose weight.

  • Intermittent fasting (IMF)

Intermittent fasting is based on the principle that you need to fast (not eat) for a certain number of hours and then eat only during a several hour windows in-between. There are different plans for this type of diet. The most popular, however, is 16/8. It means that you need to fast for 16 hours straight and then eat only during the next 8 hours. While in other diet plans, the eating window may be smaller – 6 or even 4 hours.

In my previous article on The 9 best diet without exercise to lose belly fat, I discussed more on IMF. If you interested in knowing more, then watch out for my next article on various clinical and scientific studies done on IMF.

Basic rule: You determine the hours when you can eat food. If it`s just 8 or 6 hours, naturally, the amount of food you can eat will be smaller that will lead to natural weight loss. However, some break their fast by eating more food than they ate before. In this case, this diet will be just pointless.

In addition to diets, sometimes proper exercising is All You Need to lose weight.

Here Are the Best Exercises for Weight Loss

  • CrossFit

Crossfit To Lose Weight

CrossFit is probably the most popular training these days. All over the world, there are gyms practicing only this type of training. CrossFit combines several types of training in one – aerobic exercises, weightlifting, running, interval training, etc. This kind of training is very intensive and may even cause injuries if you are doing it at home or your coach is not qualified enough. That`s why if you decide to give it a try, find a reliable gym and never try to do it without gaining proper knowledge and experience.

Note: You might be saying that going to the gym right now in this crisis is not an option. I definitely agreed with you, so my recommendation is that you can go for brisk walking, home-based lifting dumbbell, and swimming if you do have a home pool.

  • Interval Exercising

Another popular and effective way to lose weight is interval exercising. You might have concluded from the name that it`s based on intervals when you increase your heartbeat by giving your body fast, intensive exercises, and then slow down to calm your heart letting your body take a pause. And then again you start intensive exercises followed by a period of resting.

This way of training can be also used in running when you run for a certain period and then slow down and walk.

  • Weight Training

Weight training is quite wide-spread training for losing weight. The reason why it is so effective is that during weight training you burn a high number of calories compared to other types of training. And of course, weight training helps you feel stronger and grow some muscles.

Some experts also claim that weight training improves your resting metabolic rate which means that you will burn more calories even while at rest.

  • Cycling

Don't Let the Weight Stop You

And of course, you shouldn’t forget about more traditional (it doesn’t mean less effective) ways of exercising. Cycling offers us an opportunity to both train and enjoys ourselves, especially if you go cycling in a park or the countryside.

If you don’t have a bicycle of your own or the weather or the place where you live don’t allow you to ride a bicycle outside, you can head to the gym. Most gyms have a stationary bicycle which will allow you to train.

  • Walking

We`ve been talking about intensive exercising till now, but there are also less intensive types of training available for those who can’t afford a gym or are not counting on quick results.

Walking is a good way to start exercising too. It won’t grow much muscle though, but it will definitely help you get fit. Just remember while heading for a walk – you are out for training, not a leisurely walk, so keep up your pace!

How Do I Know Which One to Start From?

In the case of the diet, I suggest you combined them by gradually reducing those once such as fat gradually while increasing the quality of high protein in your diets.

For exercise, you can start with low-impact ones such as going for walk around your house and gradually increase the pace.

If you need a more structured and combined plan specifically design for you, please leave me a comment or watch out for one of my next week’s posts.

Other tips to help see faster result

For faster results, I suggest you start drinking Apple Cider Vinegar 1-2 tablespoon(s) every morning, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon. Also, you can add coffee but must be pure black (no sugar or creamer).

Please try to get an adequate amount and quality sleep and reduce your stress level. You must be saying that what? Reduce stress in this crisis, I must be out of my mind, easy to say until he is in my shoe. Trust me on this, I’m not saying it’s easy, but all I’m trying to say is that no amount of worry can help you rather cause more problems if not worsen the situation.

Final Word

The variety of diets and training is overwhelming but I`ve tried to gather the most popular and effective ways to lose weight here. It`s up to you which one to choose.

The last tip I`d like to give you is to choose the one that would fit into your lifestyle. Making some adjustments to your current eating or training routine is much easier than creating a totally new one. In this case, you can hope that it will last longer and give you better results.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find your ideal way of losing weight. I`d love to hear about your personal experience of losing weight. Feel free to share your tips and your favorite ways of losing weight in the comments below!

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  1. Great article, thank you! This is my first time I ever heard of Paleo diet, very interesting and deffinitely worth trying for me! Thank you for a great tip with apple cider venigar too, cant wait to try it!

    • Hi Habibrani,
      Thanks for taking the time. Definitely worth the try.
      Please let me know if you can on how it went.
      Talk to you soon.


  2. Hi Brnson,

    What a truly informative post. Enjoyed reading it and learnt lots from it especially about the relationship between excerise and the debt to effectively lose weight.
    Many thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. Hi!

    This is a very good article on weight loss, very clear and detailed! I am vegan and so I don’t consume any animals or animal products. This diet has done wonders for my body and health and also for my energy levels. Although I have met some chunky vegans (who eat too much vegan junk food, I suppose 😉 ) a plant-based diet is very good for your body. It feels like I’m finally giving it the right fuel.

    I can imagine that finding products for a paleo diet can be challenging, since nearly everything is mass produced, but if you are lucky to live near local farms, maybe then it is more viable?

    As for exercise, I can’t because of a knee injury but I can still walk, and so I go for short walks every day. That also helps to keep the stress levels down.

    • Hi Christine,
      Thanks for taking the time of your busy schedule to read and comment on my post.
      You absolutely right of the vegan because I mentioned about my friend though vegetarian did have a lot of positive result.
      Being a vegan too has amazing positive result as long as participant are getting their vitamin B12, which we always recommend for our vegan patient.
      In the aspect of exercise,I understood your concern because I currently suffering from knee injury that I haven’t been able to run for over a year like I used to, which I only do low-impact exercise like brisk walking and swimming. Surprisingly, researches have shown that brisk walking gives similar results compared to running with the added benefits of less impact on our (mostly knee) joints.
      Take care,


  4. Hi! Are these weight loss plans specifically best ones for women because of our genetic makeup and body type? I have never tried one of those diets you mentioned but I believe in eating in moderation and staying active (I play in a women’s intermediate soccer league and enjoy daily walks/biking with my family). You mentioned to drink apple cider vinegar – what is the purpose of that? Interesting…thanks for the info!

    • Hi Dana,
      Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read and commented on my post. Before I answer your question, let me just tell you that playing soccer game is my favorite sport in the world, but I barely play now.
      Back to your question, these weight loss plans can be use by all genders in general, but I chose these ones among the others based on research findings, the physiology involved and experience friends and love ones have had using them.
      The key for them to work is to be persistent and self-discipline especially with the diets which play about 90% role in body weight.
      As a medical professional and ex-military, I always give compliment to my patients and fellow soldiers for eating healthy and active, so thanks to you and keep being active like you do.
      In the case of Apple cider Vinegar, a study in 2009 and others have suggested that the acetic acid can prevent fat deposition and improve your metabolism (study was done in rats). Although there are other article like one in MayoClinic website that go against it, but I had tried twice with exercise and caffeine to lose my belly fat and the results are pretty impressive.
      Sorry about the lengthy clarification.


  5. Thanks for sharing these different diets and the basics of each. I’ve heard that the best diet for type 2 diabetes is the vegan/vegitarian types because they help clean out the “locks” so out own insulin works for us again. I know while I ate that way I lost a significant amount of weight and my blood sugar numbers were a lot better, closer to normal!

    • Karin,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this post. Yeah, I agreed with vegan/vegitarian types of diet can be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) because of the science behind it. The basic principle is that consuming food with less sugar especially simple ones (soda drinks, cakes, etc.) and physically active will help reduce the excess amount of glucose, HbA1C, and insulin resistance to the cell receptors. Thereby improving their health.
      Great input.


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