Resistance Bands Set review

Resistance band sets are no stranger to people who do any sort of physical activity. These products are used for multiple purposes. Physiotherapists use resistance band sets to help their patients regain their strengths and recover from injuries. Athletes also use this product for strength training or even cardio. Resistance bands are easy to use and can work almost all types of exercise with them.

Because of the benefits that resistance bands have, they have become a popular product for almost everyone interested in staying fit and healthy. In the following, we will give resistance bands sets, a review, and discuss their benefits and features.

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Suitable for any use

The great thing about resistance bands sets is that you can use resistance bands to do it no matter what you want to get out of your workout. Suppose you’re going to lose some weight. In that case, you can use the resistance band with light intensity and perform cardio exercises. If you want to get stronger, you can pick up the ones with a more massive intensity level and do strength training with them. Even if your purpose is to recover from injuries and do a muscle rehab, you can use resistance band sets to do it.

They give you many variations.

There is almost no muscle group that can’t be worked using resistance band sets. With the fantastic variety that resistance bands sets provide, you can do a full workout with them. You can simply change the direction of resistance and your positioning to pressure your body’s different muscles.



Very affordable

Indeed, one of the most exciting and intriguing things about resistance bands is their price. Considering all the benefits and variations of exercises you get from these products, they come at a very reasonable price. Some folks avoid going to the gym because of the cost of a gym membership. Resistance bands leave them with no excuse to start their workouts.

They are almost pocketable.

Usually, fitness equipment is heavy and takes a lot of space. This is not the case for resistance bands. You can even put a whole resistance band set in your pocket or your backpack.

Great for home workout

The coronavirus pandemic made everyone stay at home for a while. Most of the gyms closed because of this situation, and many athletes only had the option of working out in their homes. Many people use resistance band sets to do their home workouts because of all the convenience it provides.

resistance bands sets

take no space,

they are cheap,

And let you almost do any sort of exercise you want.

What else do you need from a home-workout-equipment?

Convenient to travel with

For some people traveling means that you either don’t do exercises for a while or pay a full gym membership at the place you are traveling to. None of the two options is convenient, while you can bring your resistance bands sets with you. Using resistance bands sets lets, you do home workouts while you travel and not miss out on any training day.

Almost everyone can use them.

When you purchase a resistance band set, the chances are that all your family members can use them and do exercises. From teenagers to older people, resistance bands have exercises that they can benefit from.

Even at a more professional level, gymnastic trainers use resistance bands to train young athletes, and physiotherapists use them too, with older people exercises as part of their physiotherapy program.


Difficult to measure the progress

To measure the progress in the exercise, athletes increase the number of reps or weight. With resistance bands, you can either use multiple bands or choose a more intense band. Both options make the intensity increase dramatically. This means that the increase in the intensity might be too much. In other words, the one you are doing is too light, and the next resistance band is too heavy. In weight training, you can add a little bit of weight and correctly measure your progress and keep going; however, that is not exactly the case for the resistance bands.

Uneven resistance throughout the movement

When performing an exercise with resistance bands, the movement’s beginning is less intense. The resistance increases as the movement reach the peak point. This is a disadvantage compared to weight training that has the same steady intensity throughout the movement. This results in the part of muscle fibers that are responsible for the beginning of the exercise (the light part) to be less strong than the rest of the muscle fibers of the same muscle.

Not the best for bulking

While resistance bands are good options for losing weight or gaining strength, they are not the best option for those who want to put on some size. This is partly because of the uneven resistance that was discussed above. Let’s use biceps curl with resistance bands as an example. At the beginning of the movement is when the muscle is at its full stretch. The muscle is more exposed to muscle damage at the beginning of the exercise. Since the resistance bands have the least intensity initially, the movement will cause less overall muscle damage. Muscle damage is an essential stimulus for muscle growth. For those who want to bulk up muscle damage is needed to get some mass and bulk up. This factor makes resistance bands less efficient for bulking up.


Resistance bands are one of the most trendy (popular) fitness equipment on the market. This is all because of the benefits they have, which we mentioned above. Athletes definitely can’t get all the benefits of weight training from these products, however; they can be reasonable alternatives. Overall, resistance band sets are an appropriate investment in your health and fitness.

Because they take little space and are convenient to move around, they are great traveling and home workouts. It is recommended to keep on your weight training and use resistance bands when you lack access to a gym facility or weight training equipment. You can also use them as an addition to weight training to get the best out of your workout.

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  1. What a great informative review! I have some low cost bands that I have been using for rehab. I have chronic pain and my physical therapist has me doing some stretches. So I am a little familiar with the use of resistance bands.
    I read with interest how you listed the negatives. You certainly don’t hear about the negatives, and it is important to make people aware of the downside. As with any exercise equipment, people need to be aware of proper use. I think you covered that topic well.
    Thank you,

  2. This is some very good information, I had a bad fall and tore my Rotator cuff I had to have surgery and had to have physiotherapy the resistance bands was used a lot in my recovery exercise, but I did not know just how much use they could be in overall exercise and the benefits of having them, so thank you for your post I found it very informative.

  3. I had a fall and had my rotator cuff torn very badly, I had to have physiotherapy had they had me using resistance bands, but I did not know that they could also be used in regular exercise so this is good information, thank you for this post, I think I will be adding some resistance band to my daily exercise regime ( which is just walking)

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