Weight loss Crisis:Having Integrity

Weight Loss Industry Integrity

Overweight or obesity struggleAre you having the same feeling of rage, furious, or maybe disappointed like I am feeling right now? I know you might be wondering, asking yourself, what is this guy going through, or who must have made him feel like he is right now?

Don’t worry, I am about to tell you in a minute, and I hope you are having the same feeling or thought, maybe more or even a little, or not at all. But please hear me out and judge for yourself if I am just paranoia, or overreacting, or maybe I have had enough, built the courage to stand up and fight for you, or maybe your love ones, or even better for those people struggling, desperate, and hopeless because of the difficulty they continuously encountered as a result of the unproven or fabricated “results” been spread by the weight loss industries.

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Integrity is the FIRM ADHERANCE to a code of especially moral or artistic value: INCORRUPTIBILITY”. These days, we are so much in hurry to become rich that we have sacrificed our integrity, one of the few unique traits of our human nature.

The worst part of it, we stayed behind the big curtain of the internet, sometimes face-to-face, and sells to our fellow human’s weight loss programs and products that are useless and harmful to their health and pride, knowing fully well that we are betraying their trust, stealing their money, and destroying every (fabrics) or an ounce of trust they have in the information system.


The line is Blurred

In this generation, it is very hard in most circumstances to tell the truth from the unproven or fabricated “results”. Why is it so? Because we like to keep quiet and watch other people do the wrong things and everyone else follows so that they are not seen as the odd one.

For you to see how we have been misled for so long that no one knows right from wrong anymore. Just like this favorite quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evils is that good men do nothing” according to Ralph Keyes (Quote investigator) in quoteinvestigation.com hasn’t been successfully traced to the true source; whether it belongs to Edmund Burke, John F. Kennedy, R. Murray Hyslop, and others.

The interesting part about it is that we come up with some fancy statements such as “Is Nothing Personal, but Just Business, or either way If I don’t, someone else will sell it to them”.

To me, that is just pure nonsense, what if you or your mother, father, sisters, brothers, children are on the other side of the fence-I mean those billions of people that the weight loss industry had tagged as what I called the “Weight loss struggling folks”.

But I guess, maybe it is the lie will tell ourselves to make us sleep well at night or better still, let’s blame them for trying to do something about their extra weight.


According to the popular saying, “If you can’t beat them, you join them”. Generally, the majority of people went into the online business industry, like any other career whether politics, religious leaders, nursing, medicine, military, with the intention or an idea to make a positive difference-which is usually helping people and make some money.

For example, the president of a nation wants to serve the people as their leader; doctors and nurses want to help people by helping them feel better during the time of sickness; priest/ preachers want to help the spiritual aspect of people, and the military personnel/policemen want to help people by protecting freedom through serving their countries.

These folks initially were motivated and determined when they started their business, invested by putting down 100s, 1000s, even millions of cash as startup capital, acquired from personal savings, loans, or sometimes borrowing from family and friends were looking forward to starting making profits, but months went by, even for some couple of years without seeing any profit, and the expenses raking higher every day. Out of desperation and the will to survive, they woke up one money and decided to dump their moral composes; saying to “hell” with integrity and follow the crowd (weight loss businesses, some affiliate markers, scammers, financial bankers, wall street brokers, healthcare industries, the fraudulent politicians, and others) making “bang” as in thousands of dollars from scamming people in the form of selling them “fake” products with the complete or partial awareness that these products will not provide the benefits (such as weight loss, health, psychological, etc.) that were claimed to have, and even in most cases the harmful side effects. We all know that these or fabricated “results” information serves as the key factor in making the decision whether to buy or not to purchase product (s) for people who are becoming victims.


Personally, I have been in both worlds, but not like what you must be thinking about now; as you are read this article now must be saying, what the “H” is he having to speak about this subject when he has been a perpetrator before? I’m done reading this kind of stuff. Please wait for a moment to let me finish my story and I promise you will understand why I have made the decision to expose these perpetrators and scammers hidden behind the blinds of the internet, doctor-patient trust, and across million miles away from the other side of the world.

In July 2006, I migrated from Nigeria to the United States, “the land of opportunity for all” to search for greener pasture but was amazed at the massive cultural difference. Prior to my trip, I was in school studying to become a medical doctor, never had a job before, but here I’m in a foreign country alone to fend for myself.

Since I have to feed myself and continue my education, I did what every morally good person will do; move all over the place looking for employment, but unfortunately couldn’t find one. After a couple of months passed by with no job, frustration began setting in, and I asked other foreigners in my neighborhood about the employment situation. To my greatest surprise, I was informed that I quote, “The system here is different. For you to get a job, I have to lie that I have a work experience even if I don’t, otherwise the businesses will not give me a chance”. I didn’t want to compromise my moral principle which is “Honesty is the best policy” and besides is against my belief, so I ignore them going about believing that some business will take a chance on me. After a couple of months, still no job. Guess what? I went with the crowd because I couldn’t change the system.

Although I did earn some money giving hours of my time for years, I believed the cost of dumping my integrity outweigh the benefits; maybe I should have been patient and follow the principles of my Christian faith. Sincerely speaking, it took me a long time to finally break free from the lifestyle of unproven or fabricated results- whether to get the next job, the pretty girlfriend, and others benefit at work, and to renew my vow to become a serious Christian.


Even recently, I was faced with the same temptation after finishing medical school, waiting to take my clinical skill exam (known as Step 2 CS), graduation, and start residency. I went looking for a temporary job to meet my student loans and credit card payments. You probably know how the story ends. But let just say, I couldn’t get a job because I refused to lie when asked if I will be staying for a long period if hired. I’m not going to lie that it was easy, but one thing for sure, I’m glad I to regain my integrity


I’m not saying we shouldn’t go about selling products or go hustling to become financially rich, but the message I want to pass across to everyone is that we can still achieve WEALTH and truly obtain the title of “WEALTHY AFFILIATE” MARKETERS
by keeping our promise to genuinely help our clients by providing genuinely evidence-based products, programs, and reviews using our websites. Most importantly, KEEPING OUR INTEGRITY UNBLEMISHED.

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  1. It is so great that you came back to your good morals. I am in shock that anyone told you to lie to get a job. Well… I do know people who have, but his or her employment never last and they move on to the next with the same lie and eventually end up moving to another town because all the businesses in town know they are liars. It never does really work out for them. I am glad that you found a place where you can be yourself and keep your ethics. I work online too and followed years of the wrong advice and found plenty of trouble along the way. Stick to your guns and the truth will set you free.

    • Hi Greg,
      Truly appreciate you for the time to read and commented on my post. You right, I’m very grateful I did come back. I liked that sticking to my guns and the truth surely prevail. My goal is that more people start tracing the path that leads to integrity because you never know what the future hold.
      Stay safe and God bless.

  2. What a great post!!! As a believer in Christ, I m so delighted to know that people still care about Integrity. You know, it is very hard these days to see people who will not compromise when they have a personal interest in the balance. Thank you for your edifying post.

    • Hi M Charles,
      Truly appreciate you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read and commented on my post.
      Absolutely, integrity is fundamental and it can be since like the best commandment “Love” that Jesus said will not pass away after everything else will, but in the world will like, integrity will stand the test of time.
      Stay safe and God bless.


  3. Thank you for the honest and informative post. Most of the time when I read something online I don’t know if I can believe it or not but I didn’t have to do that here, your integrity is in tact as far as I can see. Good for you. Hopefully everyone that reads this wants to follow your lead and we can slowly have truthful and helpful post to read.

    My first goal is to help people, making money will always come second to that and I can see the same goes for you!

    • Hi Tyler,
      Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit and share your thought. Absolutely, life is all about making a positive mark on earth and money usually follows. Like my parent will always say to me when I was a boy, “Good name is better than riches.” For me helping people is what gives me joy. It glads my heart that you want to help people first and let money flows.
      Once again, thanks for the compliment.
      Stay safe.

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